Greening Government Initiative

Greening Government Initiative

The Greening Government Initiative (GGI) is an international community of practice for officials engaged in increasing the environmental sustainability of national government operations. Through GGI, countries share information and best practices, showcase innovation and success, and develop collaborative relationships to advance their greening work.

Why Is the Greening Government Initiative Important?

As efforts to address climate change and other environmental sustainability issues intensify, government officials are developing and implementing new approaches to greening government. In many countries, the government is the largest real estate holder, fleet owner, electricity consumer, and purchaser of goods and services. Government efforts therefore not only have direct emissions impacts, but also send demand signals that can spur economy-wide actions, drive zero-carbon technologies and markets, lower decarbonization costs, and demonstrate leadership by example in a wide range of sectors.

What Does the Greening Government Initiative Do?

GGI hosts quarterly two-hour virtual meetings on relevant themes for all member countries. Through these meetings, countries share ongoing efforts, present projects, discuss potential ways to work together, and help each other recognize and address challenges involved in greening national government operations. Members may also benefit from exchange programs, thematic sub working groups within GGI, and other initiatives to support their greening efforts.

How Can Countries Join the Greening Government Initiative?

Joining GGI is easy! All countries are invited to join GGI, and no financial or policy commitments are required. Countries become official participants simply by sending an email to (the U.S. White House Council on Environmental Quality) with 1) the name and contact information of a senior government official to serve as the GGI point of contact and 2) confirmation that your country endorses the GGI Concept Note.

View the list of GGI participating countries.

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