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President Biden's Executive Order 14057 on catalyzing American clean energy industries and jobs through Federal sustainability and accompanying Federal Sustainability Plan (collectively referred to as "The Federal Sustainability Plan") outlines an ambitious path to mainstream sustainability within the Federal workforce. The Plan's elements build internal capacity through engagement, education, and training on Federal sustainability, climate adaptation, and environmental stewardship. Federal agencies also will incorporate sustainability and climate adaptation into their human capital planning, including optimal staffing, training, and associated resources.

Key Actions

+ Foster a culture of sustainability and climate action throughout the Federal workforce.

Federal agencies will foster a culture of sustainability and climate action across all disciplines and functions and encourage outstanding performance, including incorporation of sustainability objectives in the performance plans of agency executives, managers, and staffs, where appropriate.

+ Identify human capital requirements for effective implementation of the Federal Sustainability Plan's goals and objectives.

Federal agencies will integrate achievement of sustainability goals and climate adaptation and resilience into agency human capital planning to ensure they have the staff, training, and resources to effectively meet Federal Sustainability Plan goals.

+ Incorporate sustainability and climate preparedness content in Federal trainings.

The Office of Personnel Management (OPM) will identify opportunities for including or expanding environmental sustainability and climate adaptation training content in existing Federal training programs, including OPM leadership training programs, as well as strategies for incorporating sustainability into performance plans.

+ Require employee engagement and training as part of annual agency sustainability plans and climate adaptation and resilience plans.

Agencies will develop strategies, identify relevant programs, and outline actions to bolster employee engagement and training to meet goals. Training will include the subject of equity in climate resiliency and sustainability.

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