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President Biden's Executive Order 14057 on catalyzing American clean energy industries and jobs through Federal sustainability and accompanying Federal Sustainability Plan (collectively referred to as "The Federal Sustainability Plan") outlines an ambitious path to leverage domestic and international partnerships to accelerate progress and catalyze greater action at home and abroad. We will place senior leaders from the private and non-profit sectors into limited-term appointments to bring innovative perspectives and expertise to assist Federal agencies with sustainability and climate preparedness efforts. We have also launched the Greening Government Initiative, a first-of-its kind forum for engaging governments around the world in greening government operations.

Key Actions

+ Launch a Presidential Sustainability Executives Program.

In coordination with the Council on Environmental Quality, the Office of Personnel Management will support agencies in placing senior leaders from the private and non-profit sectors into limited-term appointments to bring innovative perspectives and expertise to Federal agencies and support efforts related to climate action and sustainability.

  • The executives will serve as advisors in their particular areas of executive expertise to the Federal leadership teams with whom they are engaged, allowing the Federal Government to implement transformational solutions to Federal operations.
  • The Presidential Sustainability Executives, in turn, will learn about leadership in the public sector through developmental experiences.
+ Co-lead an international Greening Government Initiative.

In April 2021, the Biden-Harris Administration announced the United States will co-lead a new initiative—the Greening Government Initiative—to promote international exchange and cooperation to advance greening government operations around the world.

  • In this initiative, the Federal Government will lead by example in bringing collaboration and cooperation to the forefront of the international effort to green government operations. Countries will be encouraged to share information and best practices so that all nations are better equipped to improve sustainability and climate adaptation within their own government operations, thereby supporting achievement of their national sustainability and climate commitments.
+ Partner with State, Tribal, and local governments to accelerate progress.

The Federal Government will partner with State, Tribal, and local green governments to enable information and best practice sharing to accelerate sustainability initiatives at every level of government.

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