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About the Presidential Federal Sustainability Awards Program

Blue circle with the presidential seal and the words Presidential Federal Sustainability Awards.

The Presidential Federal Sustainability Awards Program, launched in March 2023, celebrates the extraordinary leadership, innovation, and achievement of Federal agencies and their employees toward the President's charge for Federal climate action and the ambitious sustainability goals established in the Federal Sustainability Plan and Executive Order 14057. Federal programs, projects, project teams, facilities, and individuals are eligible for nomination by their agency.

The White House Council on Environmental Quality's (CEQ) Office of the Federal Chief Sustainability Officer administers the awards program, in coordination with the Chair of CEQ, Director of the Office of Management and Budget, the National Climate Advisor, and the Senior Advisor to the President for Clean Energy Innovation and Implementation. Winners will be recognized during an awards ceremony taking place in the fall in Washington, DC.

Award Categories

  • Advancing Carbon-Free Electricity: Advancing 100% carbon pollution-free electricity (CFE), including facilitating, procuring, producing and deploying new CFE.
  • Electrifying the Federal Fleet: Advancing 100% zero emission vehicle fleets, including acquisition, deployment, and management of vehicles and charging infrastructure.
  • Decarbonizing Federal Buildings: Reducing the climate impacts of Federal buildings and facilities, including improving energy efficiency, eliminating fossil fuel use, and advancing sustainable building practices.
  • Building Sustainable Supply Chains: Achieving net-zero emissions procurement and increasing sustainability of Federal supply chains, including acquisition planning, purchasing and contracting to reduce supply chain emissions, expanding use of sustainable products and services, and reducing costs while advancing sustainability and climate goals.
  • Advancing Climate Adaptation and Resilience: Promoting agency planning, programs, and/or action to assess and reduce climate risk and build climate resilience.
  • Advancing Environmental Justice: Centering environmental justice and/or advancing the goals of Justice40 as part of planning, programs, and actions for sustainable buildings, fleets, and operations.
  • Building a Climate-Ready Workforce: Integrating sustainability into human capital systems and fostering an agency culture of sustainability and climate action through employee engagement, education, training, and performance management.
  • Leveraging Partnerships: Collaborating across the private, public, and/or non-profit sectors; with state and local government; or with fellow agencies to accelerate progress, expand impact, or drive innovation to advance sustainability in Federal operations.
  • Investing in Climate Smart Buildings: Expanding and leveraging performance contracting to decarbonize buildings, reduce GHG emissions, and deploy climate smart technologies.
  • Buying Clean: Designing and executing programs and projects that expand use of low-carbon construction materials for Federal buildings and infrastructure.

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