The Office of Federal Sustainability (OFS) coordinates policy to promote energy and environmental sustainability across Federal Government operations, which encompass more than 350,000 buildings, 600,000 vehicles, and $500 billion in purchased goods and services annually.

Established in 1993, OFS is housed within the White House Council on Environmental Quality and stewards the Interagency Steering Committee on Federal Sustainability. The Office works across Federal agencies, departments, and other White House components to ensure effective implementation and achievement of statutory requirements and Administration goals related to Federal energy and environmental performance. It also coordinates implementation of programs and initiatives to improve facility and vehicle fleet efficiency, promote adoption of efficient technologies, and modernize Federal facilities and operations through the sound use of taxpayer dollars.

President Trump signed Executive Order 13834 titled "Efficient Federal Operations" on May 17, 2018. Read the Executive Order and Fact Sheet.

Federal Sustainability in Action

See energy and water consumption data and key highlights below.

Federal Government-Wide Progress on Sustainability Goals

View and explore interactive graphs on Federal government-wide and agency-specific progress on energy, water, renewable electricity, investments, fleets, and sustainable buildings.

Collage of three colorful line graphs and a spreadsheet.

The Federal Government

  • Manages over 350,000 buildings and 600,000 vehicles

  • Is the largest energy consumer in the nation

  • Reduced building energy use per square foot by 25.6% since 2003

  • Reduced potable water use per square foot by 27.5% since 2007

  • Uses renewable energy to power 8.6% of its facility electric energy needs

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